BITTER TASTES SWEET_Friar Joseph Mary Truong Van Trung, XV.



God's love is a bitter taste, but very sweet.

The bitter taste caused tears in my eyes,

              and sobbed with choked sounds.

The sweet taste alleviates my pain,

              and fascinated my soul in love.


Praise You, O Lord Jesus,

            You lovingly immerse me in the bitterness of life,

            For me to be more humble and wiser than,

            and especially for me to love Your Will more.


Praise You, O Lord Jesus,

            You immerse me in the sweetness of love,

            my soul was ecstatic at Your beauty,

            passionately following You in despite of all the suffering,

            and happiness to be suffered for You.


May Jesus let my heart beat with your heart sounds,

                 let me smile through the pain of the world;

                 knowing that I are experiencing happiness,

                 living in spiritual marriage with You in divine happiness.


Praise Jesus now and forever.


Saigon, Easter 1993


Friar Joseph Mary Truong Van Trung, XV.

The Congregation of the Vitality of Christ

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